Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1. Let's Blog About It

First, an introductory blog post to establish who I am and why I am blogging in the first place. 

I've always admired bloggers, just because they put themselves out there for the world to read their posts and opinions. I first started following blogs my senior year of high school when a classmate of mine started one about all the crazy things his mom would do. It wasn't long before his mom found out and shut it down, but it was well written and insanely funny. He even started to get paid for it.

I never thought about writing one myself until now, when it was a class requirement. A blog beats a paper any day so no complaints here. I am excited to get the creative juices flowing and am hoping my blog posts will help inspire me.  

Now a little about me:

  • I have been to 10 different schools and have moved 9 times. Although it seems like a lot, it keeps things interesting.
  • I will never turn down a hamburger, but if its a cheeseburger I won't touch it.
  • I started reading Harry Potter in 2nd grade. I was actually sad when my letter to Hogwarts didn't come in the mail when I turned eleven.
  • I took an advertising class over the summer and fell in love. My ultimate goal is to create advertisements that inspire people and have a call to action.
  • I love my ducks, I love my school but the weather I could do without.
  • My grandma is a clown and she's trying to recruit the rest of my family to start a circus.
  • I'm very protective of my younger sister. She's growing up too fast and is determined to succeed in life. So proud of her.
  • Life will always throw curve balls at you, and its up to you to determine how to handle it.
These are only a couple trivia points but they are the ones worth knowing for now. 

In the words of Deb Morrison, "Let's Do This." Let's blog about it.

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