Monday, March 5, 2012

25. Well, I did it

Even though my computer crashed and I was cutting it close I did it. The library closes at 12 every night, so after I came home I waited until my roommate was done studying for her midterm and asleep to borrow her computer at 1:30.  See, I am not inconveniencing anyone but myself.  It was fun making my own website and trying out all the different layouts.  I changed mine at least 15 times and will continue to tinker with it. I hope to even include a little coding of my own on my website.  Instead of looking at Pinterest or Facebook this will be my new obsession. There is something about having something of your own, that you created. It's satisfying and I kind of want to show my mom..

Welp, here it is! This may not look like much but give it time. It will get there.

24. Things I learned

Creative Strategies has taught me a lot about .......

  • Back up all of your files at least once a week, it will save you a lot of pain.
  • Don't leave everything to the last minute because your hard drive will decide to stop working at the beginning of the weekend.
  • Let the Mac techs handle EVERYTHING. Again, it will save you a lot of pain.
  • Do more independent projects, things that interest you.
  • Be aware of the world around you and all it has to offer.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Don't be boring 

23.What Makes a Book Good?

Recently, the trilogy Hunger Games has become a phenomenon.  The books have been popular all over and my old high school even assigned every grade to read them over the summer.  They tell the story of human decisions that could be life threatening and really make you think about if you were placed in the Hunger Games.  Would you sacrifice yourself to save another? Would you kill another person to survive and maybe win?  This horrible display of Capital control changes adolescents into blood thirsty monsters.  It is hard to imagine a world like that where we would have to resort to violence in an arena, where 20 + children die every year.  Reading this book I was done in 8 hours and had finished the next two  within 3 days.  I had to figure out what happens next! Good books are the kind you can't put down and don't know what to do when you finish.

Here is a preview for what comes out in March!

22. All Time Favorites

I can remember some of my favorite commercials growing up. The ones that really stick with you through the years. My dad can still recite full commercials from when he was a kid. Here are some of my favorites:

I like the Pepsi commercials because they play to a younger audience and use a lot of celebrities for a fresher look. Coca Cola is more classic and timeless. If you asked me what kind of soda I liked better I'd go with Coke 100% of the time.

Then there are the seasonal commercials you look forward to each year. I love the M&M commercials and how they mix it up so its never the same scenario.

Then you have the classic sing along commercials you can't get out of your head at all, like this one:

I used to sing this alllll the time. These commercials I can always remember for their songs, use of celebrities or if I think its just a good advertisement.

21. Ellen is the $h!t

I love watching the Ellen show. I watch endless Ellen clips online of her interviews and die laughing.  She once came to University of Oregon to give away tickets to the BCS Championship game to whoever was the best dressed for a fiesta. Although it just turned out to be her camera crew, I still went and dressed up just in case I saw her. I'm the one in the middle.

I love how she's not afraid to be herself and starts every show off dancing. She finds internet sensations and makes them famous. Greyson Chance and Sophia Grace are the two most prominent examples. I was even Sophia Grace for Halloween!

 When you watch her show, you can't help but laugh and feel good. She knows how to address her audience and always makes her show memorable.  If Ellen had a cause she stood for she would have so much support for it through her fan base.  Her fight against bullying especially those targeting sexual orientations is especially important. Her emotional message talks about how there is hope and to not let ignorance get in the way of a person's happiness. With Ellen showing her support against cyber bullying she is taking a stand and will inspire others to do the same. Not only is Ellen hilarious, but she is also courageous.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

20. Constant Movement

Going across the country to attend college did not seem all that drastic to me.  I welcomed the move, because I was getting antsy staying in one place for too long. My dad is in the Navy so I have moved 9 times and been to 10 different schools. I am used to the constant change and unfamiliar places. Staying in Virginia for 6 years to finish high school in one place was making me a little stir crazy.  My friends thought I was insane for going 3,000 miles away from my comfort zone, and to Oregon, a place they knew nothing about.  For me, it was about a new experience and going somewhere unexpected.  I knew I wanted a football team, a small campus and my two potential majors to be offered and I'd be satisfied.

 Check, check anddddddddd check.

Now all that made me a little uneasy was the bipolar weather Oregon offered. Luckily I visited the school on the rare day sun comes out in Eugene.

I'm glad I made the decision to come experience Oregon and be closer to my family on the west coast. Living on two opposite coasts I can fully appreciate the difference in culture and still find the similarities.

 After college I hope to move again to an entirely new place. Whether it be San Fransisco or abroad I welcome the change.  I hope to continue this nomadic lifestyle to get as many points of view possible and to experience new things.

19. Mustache March

I first started noticing mustaches on people a couple weeks ago. Not real ones but the kind that are really bold and outlandish and look like part of a costume. I didn't really think anything of it, I just thought it was another trend like planking. Unfortunately I am guilty of being a planker..

But then March 1st rolls around and I finally caught on. It's Mustache March. All the mustaches I had been seeing was an ad campaign to raise money for charity.  Money raised goes to the MACC funds and will benefit medical research funds to fight childhood cancer. Instead of the traditional route like bake sales, this movement is strictly mustaches.  Creating a new, different way to raise money is refreshing and much more likely to receive donations.  This campaign is similar to "Livestrong" and was actually the start of  the "Temporary Cultural Movement for the Benefit of Charity."  This small campaign can spread awareness through subliminal mustaches and creative strategies. The quirky, sarcastic website is also appealing to viewers and potential participants because of its call to action.