Sunday, March 4, 2012

19. Mustache March

I first started noticing mustaches on people a couple weeks ago. Not real ones but the kind that are really bold and outlandish and look like part of a costume. I didn't really think anything of it, I just thought it was another trend like planking. Unfortunately I am guilty of being a planker..

But then March 1st rolls around and I finally caught on. It's Mustache March. All the mustaches I had been seeing was an ad campaign to raise money for charity.  Money raised goes to the MACC funds and will benefit medical research funds to fight childhood cancer. Instead of the traditional route like bake sales, this movement is strictly mustaches.  Creating a new, different way to raise money is refreshing and much more likely to receive donations.  This campaign is similar to "Livestrong" and was actually the start of  the "Temporary Cultural Movement for the Benefit of Charity."  This small campaign can spread awareness through subliminal mustaches and creative strategies. The quirky, sarcastic website is also appealing to viewers and potential participants because of its call to action.

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