Monday, March 5, 2012

25. Well, I did it

Even though my computer crashed and I was cutting it close I did it. The library closes at 12 every night, so after I came home I waited until my roommate was done studying for her midterm and asleep to borrow her computer at 1:30.  See, I am not inconveniencing anyone but myself.  It was fun making my own website and trying out all the different layouts.  I changed mine at least 15 times and will continue to tinker with it. I hope to even include a little coding of my own on my website.  Instead of looking at Pinterest or Facebook this will be my new obsession. There is something about having something of your own, that you created. It's satisfying and I kind of want to show my mom..

Welp, here it is! This may not look like much but give it time. It will get there.

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