Monday, March 5, 2012

23.What Makes a Book Good?

Recently, the trilogy Hunger Games has become a phenomenon.  The books have been popular all over and my old high school even assigned every grade to read them over the summer.  They tell the story of human decisions that could be life threatening and really make you think about if you were placed in the Hunger Games.  Would you sacrifice yourself to save another? Would you kill another person to survive and maybe win?  This horrible display of Capital control changes adolescents into blood thirsty monsters.  It is hard to imagine a world like that where we would have to resort to violence in an arena, where 20 + children die every year.  Reading this book I was done in 8 hours and had finished the next two  within 3 days.  I had to figure out what happens next! Good books are the kind you can't put down and don't know what to do when you finish.

Here is a preview for what comes out in March!

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