Saturday, March 3, 2012

13. Really? Of course this would happen..

With the end of the term rapidly approaching and all my projects are computer based, this would be the perfect time to get a computer virus. But hey, thats life and maybe it will make a good story...later.  Right now I am going into "crisis" mode and adjusting my schedule so I can easily fix things.  Are glitches like this supposed to happen? Yes. Its how you handle it that matters. Currently I am writing out my blogs on paper while looking over at my computer with my disappointed face.  I've made the first available appointment at the Mac store today and am praying to God its some error computer illiterate people like me are oblivious to.  I'm at the library right now because its my best bet to internet connection.

I'm using this as an example for versatility. In the advertising world, your amazing idea may not be what the company is looking for. You will have to have back up plans, be able to go with the flow and expect major catastrophes. Now my problem right now may not be a catastrophe but until I have no other options left I am not going to freak out.  Just deal with whatever comes my way and let the apple employees work their magic.

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