Sunday, March 4, 2012

20. Constant Movement

Going across the country to attend college did not seem all that drastic to me.  I welcomed the move, because I was getting antsy staying in one place for too long. My dad is in the Navy so I have moved 9 times and been to 10 different schools. I am used to the constant change and unfamiliar places. Staying in Virginia for 6 years to finish high school in one place was making me a little stir crazy.  My friends thought I was insane for going 3,000 miles away from my comfort zone, and to Oregon, a place they knew nothing about.  For me, it was about a new experience and going somewhere unexpected.  I knew I wanted a football team, a small campus and my two potential majors to be offered and I'd be satisfied.

 Check, check anddddddddd check.

Now all that made me a little uneasy was the bipolar weather Oregon offered. Luckily I visited the school on the rare day sun comes out in Eugene.

I'm glad I made the decision to come experience Oregon and be closer to my family on the west coast. Living on two opposite coasts I can fully appreciate the difference in culture and still find the similarities.

 After college I hope to move again to an entirely new place. Whether it be San Fransisco or abroad I welcome the change.  I hope to continue this nomadic lifestyle to get as many points of view possible and to experience new things.

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