Sunday, March 4, 2012

17. Brand Karma

As I mentioned in a previous post, advertising agencies should use their superhuman powers for good.  If you don't, brand karma will smack you in the face.

"Companies should do good for the sake of doing good."

Many companies have charities they donate too and even foundations of their own. While researching for another project I came across a couple I really liked.

Baja Fresh has a program that helps build schools. 200 schools for 200 restaurants is their campaign to help schools raise funds for much needed educational supplies, equipment, or programs by donating 15% of total fundraiser sales back to the schools.This incentive process is not only a good motivator but good advertising for its company.  Baja Fresh was able to communicate a functional benefit along with promoting its own franchise.

Mini Coopers also have good brand karma. Their ads focus on having a carbon footprint on the world and to encourage others to buy minis to extend the carbon footprint. To help they have a program called Carfun Offset.  After purchasing a Mini Cooper, the costumer has the option to donate to 3 different charities that support sustainability and renewable energy. Mini Cooper will match your donation and send you a carbon footprint badge to display on your car to encourage others and raise awareness.

These companies are not only benefiting themselves but are also building more than just a piece of the whole.
Brand Karma not only puts the company in a positive light, it also can prevent the demise of a well known and trusted company.  Consumers will remember the positive campaigns and the work the company was involved in even if their new product is a failure or has to be recalled.

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