Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11. Dove vs. Axe

Dove started a campaign a couple years ago that is similar to the one Nike is currently promoting. The campaign "Real Beauty" promotes healthy body images and a broader definition of beauty.  Dove challenges the beauty stereotypes and celebrates curves and imperfections.  I have always loved Dove commercials and their campaign is largely supported.  My favorite commercial Dove made would probably have to be this one:

I like the message they are sending and how they are trying to discourage young girls to have negative images of themselves.  Growing up I definitely had an awkward stage and I wish I would have seen something like this earlier.

What I don't understand is how Unilever, Dove's owner, can create this campaign but also support Axe. Axe focuses its commercial on the idea that "sex sells" and if you use Axe products, all the hot girls will immediately flock to you. Does that really happen? Probably not but sex is money and it is inevitably going to sell well. It just makes it harder for us to overcome the beauty standards.

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