Sunday, February 26, 2012

8. Motivating Campaigns

Nike has recently come out with new advertisements that are focused on women. The advertisements highlight different parts of the body that most women are self conscious about.  Each ad contains a little blurb about the body part and why they should not be ashamed of how it looks. One of these ads features broad shoulders on a woman. She takes pride in her shoulders because of how she got them because she was doing what she loved: swimming.

 These ads are meant to empower women and embrace their bodies, whatever shape they are.  They also encourage fitness at the same time which doubles as not only a women’s health campaign but also for the brand itself and its workout gear.  Some people took offense to the ads because of the sassy commentary included with the ad. Some women did not think having a big butt or thunder thighs was something to be proud of and did not encourage the right response from consumers. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign also encourages women to embrace their beauty no matter what they look like because women come in all shapes and sizes. 

While I think Dove does a better job of explaining and promoting their campaign, I still admire Nike’s approach.  To me, I thought the sassy text with the pictures of women’s body parts were funny and edgy. The women who have thunder thighs and big butts should own their assets. Even though I have some body issues, just like every other woman, I don’t think Nike comes across as offensive. Maybe the point they are trying to make is effective but their visual advertisements need to be reworked to connect to more consumers.

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